Sustainability @EFQM

Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy for EFQM is built around the 4Ps concept: People, Planet, Profit & Products.


We need to develop a talented, motivated team to support organisations on their journey towards sustainable excellence. They need to have a deep understanding of EFQM's portfolio, gained through practical experience.

Key Approaches 

  • Personal Development Plans
  • Individual and Team Training Plans


We need to uses our core skills, knowledge and capabilities to make an active contribution to wider society. At the same time, we need to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment.

Key Approaches

  • Carbon Offsetting of printing
  • Promotion of environmental awareness through the Model


We need to maintain the financial and political independence of the Foundation by securing marginally profitable income from a diverse range of sources, through a diverse range of products & services.

Key Approaches 

  • Financial Planning & Governance
  • Portfolio Management & Development (diversification)


Sustainability has been at the heart of the Model since it's inception. By promoting the use of the Model, we are promoting sustainability and social responsibility. We have a duty to ensure this continues into the future.

Key Approaches

  • Portfolio Management & Development
  • Sharing events & activities

Reporting Progress

EFQM publishes an Annual Report to communicate our performance and progress to our stakeholders, in line with the guidelines of the UN Global Compact of which EFQM is a member.

Stakeholder Feedback

EFQM runs a number of regular surveys to collect feedback from the different stakeholder groups, including annual Member, People and Community Surveys. The information collected is analysed and used to drive improvements to the way we work.

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