A Passion for Excellence

30 May 2018

Success and Knowledge Sharing at the EFQM Good Practice Visit

Sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge, making contacts and having fun! For 130 participants, the Good Practice Visit that took place at the Bosch Blaichach Plant on April 26 was a truly worthwhile experience. Under the motto “A Passion for Excellence - be part of the Network”, Bosch clearly demonstrated why its Blaichach plant has received the EFQM Global Excellence Award in 2017.

Bosch Blaichach’s story is the perfect illustration of how an organisation can reinvent itself: in the last 5 years, the organisation has changed its plant dramatically in all aspects of the EFQM Model. Bosch Blaichach manufacturing Excellence has led to an increase in productivity of more than 40%.

This event gave our members the unique opportunity to gain insight into key enabler approaches of an award-winning organisation. The visit was structured around 3 main chapters:

  1. Plant tour 1: the host shared their role model practices on Leadership, Strategy, People and Enterprise 4.0
  2. Plant tour 2: where they inspired us with their innovative approaches relating to Continuous Improvement, Communication, Production and Networking
  3. After the plant tours, participants had the opportunity to visit dedicated stands to dive more in depth one of the topics presented during the visit

Thank you again to Bosch Blaichach for their hospitality and this inspiring day. All participants were incredibly impressed by the real passion for Excellence which is transpiring at every level of the organisation.

There is no better way to learn than learning from the best!






You can find all the images from the event here! 

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