EFQM European National Partners’ Meeting in Slovenia

24 May 2018

On May 17th and 18th, MIRS, the EFQM National partner Organisation in Slovenia, hosted together with Spirit, the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation, Fore­ign Investments and Technology, the meeting with the European National Partner Organisations.

15 national partners attended the event, coordinated by EFQM and hosted by our Slovenian partner. The meeting gave all the participants the opportunity to learn more about the Slovenian Business Excellence Strategy which has been recently approved by the local government. The Business Excellence Strategy aims at achieving the following country objectives:

  • Institutionalisation of Business Excellence
  • Establishment or upgrading of different entering schemes for identification and recognition of Business Excellence
  • Systematic development of Business Excellence in society (understanding and awareness of the importance of Business Excellence)
  • Public sector as a role model for Business Excellence


The Business Excellence Strategy, which is seen as instrumental in the achievement of the Vision of the country is available on the MIRS website (Hyperlink to be added: http://www.mirs.gov.si/fileadmin/um.gov.si/pageuploads/Dokpdf/PRSPO/Strategija_PO_2018-2030_an_final.pdf.)

The event, organised at the prestigious Brdo Congress Centre gave the EFQM European Partners the possibility to share good practices in deploying EFQM services in their countries. Much emphasis has been placed on how to further integrate the network of EFQM Partners in Europe. This is considered an important strategic move for EFQM and its community on the continent.


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