EFQM Event - Health Care meets Innovation

29 August 2016
EFQM Event

Only very few have managed to develop successfully under the highly complex framework of a health care system that is currently facing demographical changes, increasing cost pressure and strong competition in a regulated market. The Geriatric Health Centres of Graz have been withstanding these challenges and became a leading competence centre for geriatrics and health care, providing the widest range of innovative care opportunities for elderly people not only in Austria but even in Central-Europe.

You want to know how this was achieved? We offer you the unique chance to get to know the Geriatric Health Centres of Graz and learn about their success story and the strategies they have made use of. Winning the Austrian Excellence Award in 2014 and being a finalist in the EFQM Excellence Award in 2015, the GGZ act as a role model when it comes to determining new opportunities and coming up with innovative answers to the challenges in the sector of geriatrics and health care.

Within this Good Practice Visit, you will learn about their main approaches for developing innovations including the research being conducted in the Albert Schweitzer Institute. Besides a number of high quality presentations, a tour will give you deep insights into the Albert Schweitzer Clinic.

Don´t miss the chance to find out more about high level health care for elderly people and network on an international level.
The event is limited to 40 participants at most, so sign up now!

In order to register for the Good Practice Day at GGZ please go to EFQM Webshop or send an email to info@efqm.org.

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