EFQM Forum 2016 - Afternoon Session

29 September 2016
EFQM Forum

This afternoon, we listened to a very interesting panel debate with MikaHakkinen and leaders like Mr Paul Little from the City of Glasgow College.

This first session was followed by speeches on "Beyond the Award - How to keep the fire burning" and "Future trends of Excellence".

But what you might remember best today is "How to manage the unexpected". During 1 hour, Fred Lebeer and his group explained the Black Swan theory through Music! This live performance was very impressive!

Lessons of this afternoon?

- You can't leave developing your culture to chance. As a leader, you need to role model this everyday!
- Understand your competition and stakeholders.
- Lead people to perform Excellence, and never forget to communicate
- Balanced benefits for all stakeholders. After all, assembly line workers have the same needs and desires as plant managers

See you tonight at the Alcatraz for an amazing Gala Dinner and EFQM Excellence Award Celebration!

Discover the pictures of the event on our official Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/EFQM-298069933557241/

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