EFQM Forum 2016 - Day 1 Morning Sessions

29 September 2016
EFQM Forum

The EFQM Forum 2016 was launched today with a first speech from Dr. Andreas Wendt (Chairman of the EFQM Board of DIrectors) announcing the rebranding of EFQM and unveiling a new logo and graphic universe.

Soon after our CEO, Léon Tossaint, presented his vision for EFQM, the Foundation's new focus but also new activities. How will EFQM drive Excellence beyond the Limits? You probably found out this morning!

To last session of the morning saw Mika Hakkinen on stage. This Formula One World Champion shared his view on what it means to be driving Excellence beyond the Limits.

Mika provided a lot of food for thoughts, but out of this session, we will definitely remember the following lessons and implement them in our pursue of Excellence:

- "You don't win alone"
- " After winning, you go back and see what you have done wrong"
- " Wiining is addictive, don't make it an obsession, it is also about learning"
- "Beyond means doing something that you might not realise you're capable of"
-" If you are in Formula One, you don't see the rest of the world

View all the pictures from the event on our official Facebook Page > https://www.facebook.com/EFQM-298069933557241/

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