EFQM Global Excellence Award 2018 - Call for Assessors!

10 January 2018

Your next challenge in 2018?

Every year more than 100 trained and experienced assessors from many countries contribute their experience and their time to perform the EFQM Global Excellence Award assessments. These people come from a diverse range of organisations, from the private and public sectors, from SMEs to global multi-nationals, from industry and services. They also bring a wide range of experience and knowledge of role model practices.

Assessors are not just “business excellence professionals”; they come from many different management backgrounds and disciplines, from HR to IT, from Finance to Supply Chain Management. And it is this diversity that brings value to the applicants via the feedback report assessors produce. Assessors themselves also benefit greatly from this enriching experience and are always impressed by how much they can learn by participating in the assessment process.


Not yet an EFQM Assessor?

Call for Assessors 18th December 2017 – 31st January 2018

Join the Global EFQM Excellence Award, a unique and challenging assessment experience

The EFQM Global Excellence Award Programme is evolving to embrace the participation of organisations around the globe. We would like to encourage you as an EFQM Assessor to experience this unique and exciting assessment experience. The process has changed from being a competition to a recognition and celebration of role-model organisations around the Globe. The Award is perceived as the strongest recognition programme in the World supported by a unique process and unique EFQM Assessors.

Assessor have described the Award assessment experience as:

  • A great opportunity for sharing and learning from peers, experts and applicants Assessing in an international and diverse team of experts
  • Focusing on delivering a strategic value adding feedback to the applicant
  • Assessing a high performing organisation and contribute with your ideas on how to improve and grow their business

The assessor application will be open as of 18th December until the end of January 2018 and all EFQM trained assessors will be invited to apply.

Start your EFQM Assessor Journey now!

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