EFQM has a new Partner in Poland

12 February 2016

The Foundation for the Development of Wroclaw University of Economics (FDWUE) is a non-profit organisation that was founded to support the development of the University through working closely with business, academic community and students. As a new EFQM Partner, they share their reason for existance and future projects : 

 "We promote learning and development through projects with students, by organizing conferences and seminars and providing expertise needed by both small and large businesses. We aim to be a leading organization in Poland that offers management solutions based on the EFQM Excellence Model. We are located in Wroclaw, South-West Poland, but our intention is to work with organizations from all over the country. We believe that there is a demand for the EFQM Excellence Model in Poland because many enterprises need a holistic approach to organizational development leading to business excellence. Polish private sector is relatively young but there are many dynamic, growing companies that have to integrate new ways of management into their routines and management systems. We see the EFQM Excellence Model as a tool that can be used also for recognition of companies that operate internationally. Our plan for the near future is to enhance the quality of services for students, academics and business. One of our highly valued prospects is the EFQM related activity, which will be initially addressed to leading companies operating in Poland."

Welcome to the EFQM Community!

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