EFQM Recognised as an Eco Dynamic Enterprise 1*

17 October 2016
EFQM Sustainable

We all know that the sustainability is an important part of the EFQM Excellence Model and that it has influenced many organisations over the years. But is it enough for the EFQM Team?

Last year, we have decided to look at what we do and how we could improve. The aim was to be more sustainable in the office and in our daily lives...To have a positive impact on our direct environment. As such, we decided to go through an external assessment with the Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel (IBGE) to find out where we were and how to move forward.

This initiative gave birth to a lot of great projects such as:

- Donating our old IT material to Close the Gap and offering it a second life;
- Taking part in social projects with SAP Belgium Brussels to raise money for kids in needs or the homeless;
- Looking at sustainability in Evere in a different way with Fost Plus;
- Starting the exciting project of having beehives placed on the rooftop of our building! (to come with the support of SAP Belgium Brussels; Fost Plus; Meadwestvaco and BeeOdiversity);

Today, we received 1 Star, tomorrow who knows?!

Thank you to all that are involved in this project and let's do our best in the future. (Special thanks to Patricia Bilteryst!)

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