EFQM takes part in DIGAE 2017

16 March 2017

EFQM takes part in DIGAE 2017

This year agian, EFQM will join the Exhibition in Dubai and can be found at the Excellence Pavilion but we won't be alone. Indeed, local members and two of our European Members will be present as well at the Pavilion to share with the visitors their success stories, good practices, experience with Excellence and network. We are glad to be part of this edition, next to many of our local members and Model users thriving to always perform better and be excellent.

Come and meet us at the Excellence Pavilion or join the workshop delivered by EFQM during the first day Exhibition. 


Since its inception in 2011, Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition (DGAE) has established itself as the benchmark for public sector excellence showcase where all local authorities, institutions, departments and agencies unveil their most effective programmes and innovative solutions.

DIGAE gave an opportunity to participating institutions to share their achievements while in return they received direct feedback from users on ongoing services-to-citizen and real-time appraisal on the pipeline of planned and future solutions. In the 5th edition of DIGAE, Dubai Government endeavors to establish international cooperation hubs on government administration best practices and principles. A wealth of local governments across the globe have been invited to join the debate on the next generation of high performing public services.



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