Expert Webinar Recording - The new ISO Standards on Management Systems & the EFQM Excellence Model

22 March 2017

The Expert Webinar on the new ISO Standards on Management Systems and the EFQM Excellence Model, delivered by Ruud Stassen (President of INK, EFQM's Dutch National Partner) was run twice and had more than 400 registrations! In view of this success and the numerous requests to organise new webinars, we have decided to make available the recording of the last session as well as the booklet itself...

​In practice a lot of organisations combine the two approaches and the changes in the revised ISO 9001 make it even more attractive to do so. The combination of ISO 9001 and the EFQM Excellence Model will be able to reinforce a future oriented (quality) management approach, focused on continuous improvement, risk management and innovation.

This webinar will focus on questions such as: how ISO 9001:2015 and the EFQM Excellence Model relate, what purposes they serve, the main principles they are based upon, their contents, their differences and similarities and how the EFQM Excellence Model and ISO 9001:2015 can complement each other.

To download your own copy of the booklet written by Ruud Stassen, President of INK, and NEN, the Dutch Standardisation Institute, visit this link >

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