GEM Council Meeting April 2018

30 May 2018

The Global Excellence Model Council is a platform for Excellence Organisations around the world who all own a specific Excellence Model. EFQM is co-founder of the GEM Council and represents all countries in Europe (who use the EFQM Model). The Countries represented in the GEM Council are: all countries of Europe, (EFQM) India, UAE, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and China. 

In April a strategy meeting of all the GEM C members was organised in Baltimore (USA) on 6-7 April. The Malcolm Baldrige organisation (USA) acted as chairman and EFQM was represented by their CEO, Léon Tossaint. One of the themes was a combined approach to have all recognised organisation of the GEM representatives participating in the EFQM Global Excellence Index. It has also been agreed that the GEM Council Members should promote Excellence more collectively around the globe, EFQM gladly willed this initiative.

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