Great Organisations Thank their People

31 October 2016
EFQM Member

Last month, the EFQM Excellence Award Jury recognised Robert Bosch Blaichach Plant as EFQM Prize Winner in Creating a Sustainable Future & Sustaining Outstanding Results. The Jury was impressed by several approaches developed by Blaichach Plant, starting with the sophisticated energy management system, the Apprentice programme “Tat-vor-Ort”, it’s performance as a lead plant and it’s excellent deployment of Industry 4.0 showing their technology leadership…But this organisation is also impressive in valuing and thanking its people!

Because you cannot win alone, Bosch Blaichach has organised a “Thank You” event at the gate of the Plant for all its employees. And later an “Oktoberfest” for the colleagues who have been involved in the EEA Assessment Process 2016 took place, recreating the atmosphere of the Oktoberfest in Munich at a smaller scale.

What a wonderful team! Once again, congratulations!

View all the pictures from Bosch Blaichach on our official Facebook Page >

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