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29 July 2016

















During the ‪#‎EFQM‬ Forum we will dive into what makes ‪#‎Excellence‬ today and tomorrow, break boundaries and clear the path forward to exceed current standards of Excellence. For this purpose, we have carefully chosen topics & keynote speakers who possess the necessary skills and expertise to best guide our thinking:

  • Driving Beyond the Limits: Mika Hakkinen, Double F1 World Champion;
  • Leadership beyond the Limits: Mika Hakkinen and leaders from member organisations;
  • Future trends on Excellence beyond the Limits: EFQM Experts;
  • How to Manage the Unexpected, an application of the Black Swan theory through music;
  • The Internet of Things – Industry 4.0: experience from leading organisations; -
  • Leading the digital transition: experience from industry leaders;
  • Happiness as a Driver for Excellence: Malene Rydhal, Author and Goodwill Ambassador;
  • Dubai 2021…Ambition for Excellence beyond the Limits: Dr. Ahmad Al Nuseirat;

You can expect to leave Milan with valuable insights, actionable knowledge and ideas to implement in your own organisation to go yourself beyond the Limits!

What are you waiting for? Book your seat today > http://bit.ly/21wCIQO

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