Meet Gerhard Leu, EFQM Ambassador from Switzerland

13 March 2017

EFQM: Can you introduce yourself shortly?

Gery: Actually I’m working as a management consultant for my own company Gerhard Leu AG |  fact based consulting in Switzerland. My customers are mid-size or large private or public owned organisations. The focus is mainly on analysing, strategic planning, business engineering and implementation of improvement measures to solve business problems. Two approaches are key for me: (1) a seamless causal chain from the relevant root causes of problems to the significant impact on the results for their solutions and (2) a comprehensive network of the various components of a management system. The EFQM framework is my road map because of its proven success within many high performance organisations and hidden champions.

How did you start the EFQM adventure?

Gery: In the 80’s - as a line manager - I implemented a management system based on the ISO standards. But I was not really happy about the received certification because of the missing linkage between this system and the real business. Therefore I was looking for a more business and results oriented management framework which I have found in the EFQM Excellence Model. In the 90’s I participated in some EFQM good practice studies and beginning of 2000 I became an EFQM assessor for the prestigious EFQM Excellence Award. I learned from international winning organisations and from my assessor colleagues that the EFQM Excellence Model really works to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness. And since then I’m absolutely enthusiastic about the EFQM framework. Coming back to your question: Yes, EFQM it is an adventure trip, but one that is worthwhile.

EFQM: What motivated you to become an EFQM Ambassador?

Gery: Many SME, mid-size, large companies or public organisations are struggling with the same challenges: How to increase the productivity, how to engage people, how to anticipate new technologies, how to sustain or survive in the future. Instead of fighting against these challenges or trends they could use the EFQM framework to answer these questions in a systematic and straight forward approach. It is a pity that many organisations do not benefit from the experience of excellent organisations and their good practices. I would like to motivate organisations to start the journey to excellence. In this sense as an EFQM Ambassador I’m like an „Excelerator“, an accelerator to excellence.

EFQM: What do you want to achieve as an EFQM Ambassador? What is your ambition?

Gery: My aspiration is that more organisations join the Excellence Community by using the EFQM Excellence Model, by learning from others through an EFQM membership, by participating in the inter-/national award scheme. This for both: new and existing members. I’m satisfied when organisations contact me as an EFQM ambassador and say: Thank you for your beneficial advices.

Any comment or last word?

Gery: To strive for excellence is neither a questions of the size of an organisation nor of its sector. It’s a question of leaders who want or don’t want to improve their businesses. Think like a globetrotter, don’t hesitate to start the journey, enjoy the adventure, step-by-step, year-by-year.

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