Meet Jose Calvo Maguregi, EFQM Ambassador in Spain

22 May 2017

EFQM: Can you introduce yourself shortly?

José: My name is Jose Antonio. I have always worked locally but with an international orientation; not only with EFQM, but also working with our customers. I am an economist who has always worked in management positions and since 2000 I work as a management consultant. I lead a company based in the Basque Country, in Spain. We are what I name a “small big company”. We are very proud of our number of customers, their commitment,high management level as well as their fidelity.

We are a multi-skilled team and I am specialized in areas such as excellent management, strategy planning, process management, change management. I love my work especially when I have the opportunity to work close to leading management teams or to share knowledge and experiences when I am asked to train people or to attend as a lecturer.

EFQM: How did you start the EFQM adventure?

José: I was still working as Quality and Human Resources Manager (before “jumping” to the consultancy), when I “found” the EFQM Excellence Model. It was a crush… . I suddenly discovered a new way of working based on people and focused on results. It was in the nineties, and I had the opportunity to be trained and to begin to work with the Model.

In fact, it changed my career, as I decided to accept the challenge to work as senior consultant in this field (what it was called “Total quality management”) in a leading consultancy company in Spain.

I also began to act as European award assessor in 2000 and since then participated in numerous assessments (all the last ones as team leader). I have always found it to be an extremely interesting experience, both from a personal and a professional perspective:  I think it is one of the most interesting international learning experiences you can have.

Of course, my “EFQM adventure” has run in a collaborative race not only with EFQM but also with Euskalit (regional partner in the Basque Country). I fell part of the success of EFQM and Euskalit when I have acted not only as assessor but also as a trainer of managers and new assessors.

EFQM: What motivated you to become an EFQM Ambassador?

José: I was already an ambassador! I mean…. I have always acted as a sincere advisor of EFQM. It is not only related to business: I believe that the Model and the Foundation itself, together with all the networks of those who work with it, are a great opportunity for all the people trying to lead their teams towards excellence principles and outstanding results.

As soon as I received the offer I did not have any doubt. I had to be an “official ambassador”, after so many years of spontaneous commitment.

EFQM: What do you want to achieve as an EFQM Ambassador? What is your ambition?

José: I would like to be an active advisor for EFQM and a bridge for all those companies that, perhaps, may feel EFQM as something hard and not available for them. Of course, I also think that the network of EFQM Ambassadors can also be a key accelerator to advance to a deeper collaboration between different companies, finding new learning opportunities from others. I feel that we can make this network bigger… .

EFQM: Any comment or last word?

José: Just Thank You. This ambassador programme is a great opportunity and an ambitious challenge for all the EFQM network. I am sure we all will find learning and improving opportunities!.

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