Meet Julio Gonzalez Bedia, EFQM Ambassador from Spain

10 May 2017

EFQM: Can you introduce yourself shortly?

Julio: I am co-founder and Managing Partner of C&B Business Management Consulting, a company specialised in business excellence, mostly focused on the healthcare sector. My other competences include: Industrial Engineering, majoring in Business Organization, PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at Complutense University of Madrid, Master in Total Quality from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, EFQM License Advisor and International Lead Assessor for the EFQM Global Excellence Award.

I have a professional experience of more than 20 years where I have collaborated with leaders of more than 400 institutions and stakeholders related with the health sector (hospitals, health centres, associations, insurance companies, public administration, suppliers, etc.). I am also professor in numerous courses, seminars and events related to healthcare management and have coordinated several research studies and publications of articles in magazines and specialised media.

EFQM: How did you start the EFQM adventure?

Julio: I became an EFQM assessor in 2004 and since 2006, I am team leader. I have run more than 10 assessments for the Award/Levels of Excellence process, and I have prepared several organisations to be a candidate for the Award / Recognised for Excellence / Committed to Excellence. I have also trained more than 60 EFQM assessors. I believe that the EFQM Model and the way it is assessed is a powerful tool for leaders to search on their journey to excellence.

EFQM: What motivated you to become an EFQM Ambassador?

Julio: I have always thought that organisations needed more support from EFQM and its distribution channels to share information, knowledge and establish learning opportunities. I think that the EFQM Ambassador Programme is a very good idea to try to get organisations closer to the EFQM and to have a channel to promote excellence among the organisations and their leaders. I think that my background and professional experience in a very specialised sector as healthcare should very much contribute to deliver support to organisations that are willing to start or continue their journey to excellence.

EFQM: What do you want to achieve as an EFQM Ambassador? What is your ambition?

Julio: My ambition is double: first, to contribute as an ambassador of the EFQM in the sector and market that I know best and spread EFQM and the Excellence Fundamental Concepts through the leaders and their organisations. Second, to attract new players to the EFQM network, so that best practices and specialised knowledge can arise from the organisations to contribute to get a better level of excellence each year.

EFQM: Any comment or last word?

Julio: I have experienced the use of the EFQM Excellence Model in many different types of organisations all around Europe and the Middle East, both in big multinational companies and small enterprises. I have learned what are the main obstacles for leaders to promote excellence inside their organisations. I think I can contribute to share my experiences with the EFQM and its members and can contribute to build a wider and wider excellence network in the next years.

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