The EFQM Global Excellence Index is live!

18 July 2017
EFQM Global Excellence Index

EFQM launches its Global Excellence Index recognising leading organisations within their sector

Brussels, July 19th - Born from the ambition to promote global Excellence across sectors and facilitate benchmarking, the EFQM Global Excellence Index is a platform where organisations will be recognised by EFQM and can profile themselves within their sector and feature their best and role model practices.

The EFQM Global Excellence Index is a unique multipurpose platform developed by EFQM, whose main attribute will be to recognise the world’s best performing organisations on their journey to sustainable Excellence, but that’s not all. Indeed, the Index will allow organisations to gain exposure and showcase their best and role model practices, to benchmark with one another as well as be promoted beyond the EFQM recognition scheme. The Index will also enable organisations to demonstrate to their stakeholders their key achievements and what they are especially proud of.  Ultimately, visiting the Index will allow individuals and organisations to gain a deeper understanding of what makes a leader for Excellence and how to get there.

Annually EFQM, together with its 45 Partners, delivers more than 650 assessments to organisations coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors. As a result, the content of the Index is expected to grow significantly over the coming months and will show the true global excellence blue print that EFQM and its Partners have worked jointly on over the past 25 years. 

Organisations who have been recognised by EFQM or one of its partners over the last 3 years are invited to join the EFQM Global Excellence Index and will be positioned as an active or leading organisation for Excellence within their sector at a global level. Participating in this platform is a unique way to enhance the visibility and image of an organisation as a driver for excellence. 

You have not yet joined the EFQM Global Excellence Index? Get assessed by EFQM or one of its partners and don’t miss out on this opportunity to enter one of the 4 levels in the index: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Being part of the Index, organisations will be exposed for a period of 3 years, free of charge, from the date of the assessment. For more information, or to join the Index, please contact or tel: +32 2 775 3511.

Curious? Intrigued? Discover the new EFQM Global Excellence Index at >

For more information, please contact: 

Samuli Pruikkonen
Senior Manager, Assessment & Recognition    
Avenue des Olympiades 2, 1140 Brussels, Belgium
T: +32 2 775 35 11

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