The EFQM Newsletter - April 2017

7 May 2017

APRIL 2017

Dear Readers,

In this newsletter you can read about the many activities we are driving at this point in time. They have one thing in common: the global expansion of our activities. Whether it is the EFQM Global Partner meeting in Prague, joining the Exhibition organised by DGEP in Dubai or the visit to our Chinese partners in Beijing, or our Chinese BNBM Member in Shenyang, it all reflects our ambition for global excellence.

You can read all about these activities within this newsletter, but let me point out one subject: the project we drive with BBA (BMW Brilliance Automotive) to support this large automotive manufacturing organisation in their journey for excellence. The special thing here is that EFQM is guiding this world's largest BMW plant on their way to become a global role model for excellence in automotive case manufacturing. It is a process where we combine our global knowledge for excellence together with our knowledge on cultures, on how to ensure that we get the best out of European and Asian cultures together, to blend global excellence. It is because of the knowledge of our multinational EFQM Members that we can deduce the cultural elements which can together create this unique global excellence.

Once again, I would like to remind you of the Communities of Practice, one of our new sharing opportunities. These virtual meetings will enable our members to exchange on specific/trendy topics and challenges, develop knowledge and innovative approaches to be shared with the wider community. This is also an excellent opportunity to get in touch with other experts and members from the network, deepen your knowledge as well as keep your organisation one step ahead/always more competitive. This initiative started with a survey circulated to all EFQM Members to identify topics of interest and participants. If you would like to join a Community of Practice, it is still possible. Make sure to contact your account manager or our membership department to express your interest in this initiative.

Before I forget, please start to register for the upcoming EFQM Forum 2017 in Madrid to enjoy the early bird rate but moreover to be ensured that you will not miss this impressive event.

Enjoy the reading,

Léon Tossaint



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