The EFQM Newsletter - February 2017

1 March 2017

February 2017

Dear Members, Dear Friends,

I would like to start this newsletter by welcoming the 18 new EFQM Members that joined the EFQM community this month. They come from various countries and industries, fully representing the diversity and global traits of EFQM. In this context I would like to emphasise on increasing the engagement of all our member organisations by adding value through in-company projects. Using our extensive Licensed Advisor network supports this ambition to guide organisations on their “journey for excellence”. Our ongoing projects, which the EFQM Team has launched to further support its members and even exceed their needs and expectations: Good Practice Visits & Workshops, Expert Webinars, current training courses review, the launch of the Ambassador Programme and more.

In this edition of the newsletter, we share with you stories of success and excellence in Cyprus but also with José Oliveira from Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal S.A. who shares his plant’s journey “from Chaos to Innovation”. All these examples of “journeys for excellence” are inspiring and this year again, you will discover more through the Global EFQM Excellence Award 2017 Programme. I would like to underline that the period to apply will remain open a bit longer this year. If you have achieved the Recognition Level 5Star and feel that your organisation needs a high added value feedback at strategic level and deserves to be recognised as a Global Role Model Organisation, then I can only encourage you to enter the Global EFQM Excellence Award 2017. Should you have any questions or hesitations, please contact Samuli Pruikkonen.

If you read further, you will discover the upcoming opportunities to learn from the network and our experts. It starts with a visit hosted by Bosch Blaichach in April on the theme “Reinvent your Organisation” and several webinars on topics such as: the new ISO standards on Management Systems & the EFQM Excellence Model, From Chaos to Innovation by Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, or the importance of agile management in Innovation with Pedro Juarez (Lego Serious Play). It all are inspiring articles worthwhile to get your attention reading it now.

Finally, I like to encourage you to share with us your role model practices, your learning from applying the EFQM Excellence Model and assessment approaches.

Enjoy your reading,

Léon Tossaint

In this Newsletter, read about...

  • The message from Léon Tossaint, EFQM CEO
  • The EFQM Community grows
  • CAQ joins the GEM Council
  • Alliance for Excellence in Cyprus
  • Join the Global EFQM Excellence Award 2017
  • The European University of Cyprus recognised for Excellence 5 Star
  • Reinvent your Organisation with Bosch Blaichach
  • and more!

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