The EFQM Newsletter - January 2017

30 January 2017

January 2017

Dear Members, Dear Friends,

To start this new year, I would like to wish you and your colleagues once again the very best for 2017, on behalf of the entire EFQM Team. This first newsletter of the year is also our opportunity to remind you that we are there to support you and your organisation on every step of your Journey to Excellence, so do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to support you on your needs.

In 2017, you can be assured that EFQM will launch many new activities to provide you with high added value for your membership. This starts with the renewal of existing training courses and the development of learning opportunities such as Expert Webinars and Good Practices Visits. The first big event of this year is the visit hosted by Robert Bosch Plant Rodez in France on the theme “Reinventing Leadership”. It will take place on February 22nd and feature presentations and a Plant Tour introducing role model practices and addressing key themes closely linked to megatrends leaders face today.

In this issue you will also read about the EFQM Ambassador Programme which was recently launched. This initiative has been developed to recruit new members and to ensure that our EFQM Members get the support they need. The programme already comprises 15 experts as Ambassadors positioned within 11 European countries.

We like still to encourage mature organisations who have achieved the Recognition Level beyond 5Stars (R4E) to apply in the EFQM Global Excellence Award 2017 Programme. This globally unique programme not only recognises Role Model organisations for Excellence but also delivers a high added value feedback at strategic level for your organisation. Please read the article on this and contact Samuli Pruikkonen in case you feel your organisation needs this high level feedback and deserves this recognition.

Innovation as Drivers to improve competitiveness is well described by Bob Barbour in an article where he emphasises innovation being key to develop “Smart Cities” which are becoming more and more competitive at global level.

If you read further, you will find an extract of a booklet developed by Ruud Stassen, the President of our Dutch Partner INK: “The new ISO Standard on Management Systems and the EFQM Excellence Model”. This booklet focuses on the questions: how ISO 9001:2015 and the EFQM Excellence Model relate, what purposes they serve, the main principles they are based upon, their contents, their differences and similarities and how the EFQM Excellence Model and ISO 9001:2015 can complement each other. If after reading this extract you would like to download your own copy, a link is provided in this newsletter and on the EFQM Website.

Enjoy the reading,

Léon Tossaint

In this Newsletter, read about...

  • The message from Léon Tossaint, EFQM CEO
  • The EFQM Community grows
  • A new Programme is launched
  • Reinventing leadership with Bosch Rodez
  • Innovative, Sustainable and Competitive Cities
  • Join the Global EFQM Excellence Award 2017
  • The new ISO Standards on Management Systems and the EFQM Excellence Model


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