The EFQM Newsletter - July 2017

4 August 2017

July 2017

Dear Members, Dear EFQM Friends,EFQM Newsletter - July 2017

In this edition of the EFQM Newsletter, you will read about the launch of the EFQM Global Excellence Index that took place on July 19th. This EFQM Index is a multipurpose platform where organisations will be recognised by EFQM and can profile themselves within their sector and feature their best and role model practices. Joining the Index is a unique opportunity for organisations to enhance their visibility and reputation, as such I encourage you to join the Index if you are Recognised for Excellence already. If you are not, please contact Samuli Pruikkonen to find out how to join the Index. Once we will have over 500 organisations exposing their role model practices in the Index, this will provide a huge platform for learning and networking.

Further in this newsletter, we share with you an article on Leading next generation organisations from Michael Babilon-Teubenbacher in which he explains how the disruptive technologies and large-scale societal developments put us at the edge of a new economic order and how organisations can act. 

We also dedicate a few pages of this newsletter to the EFQM Forum 2017 taking place in Madrid this October 26th and 27th under the theme: Excellence through Agility. This Forum edition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the EFQM Global Excellence Award, a celebration that first took place in 1992 and saw King Juan Carlos of Spain hand the first award to Rank Xerox. This year’s edition is organised in collaboration with our Spanish partner Club Excelencia and designed to maximise learning and be as interactive as possible with performances, gamification, match plays, international keynote speakers but also side events to bring your Forum experience to the next level.

Finally, you will read the second part of an article written by Hervé Legenvre from EIPM on Excellence in Ecosystem Platform. This contribution is part of a series of articles culminating with a webinar on the topic on September 5th. Make sure to read the next Newsletter to discover the final article.

Enjoy the reading,

Léon Tossaint

In this Newsletter you will read about...

  • Editorial from Léon Tossaint, EFQM CEO;

  • Message from the EFQM Board of Directors;
  • The EFQM Global Excellence Index;
  • Leading next generation organisations;
  • EFQM Ambassador profile;
  • The EFQM Forum Programme and the Gala Dinner;
  • Thinking in Ecosystems for Business Model Innovation part 1/3;
  • New webinars and training courses;


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