The EFQM Newsletter - June 2017

7 July 2017

June 2017

Dear Members, Dear EFQM Friends,

In this newsletter I would like to share with you severeal important activities and news from the EFQM. One of them, that you will read about on p.5, is the new composition of our Board of Directors. For this occasion, I would like to welcome four new Directors who strenghten the current team: Sophie Bech (Royal Philips), Grete Faremo (UNOPS), Stéphane Simonetta (Grundfos Holdong A/S) and Franz-Peter Walder (Quality Austria). Together, I am convinced we will bring new expertise on managing a complex network of organiations and bring more value to our EFQM Members.

This appointment is not the only one though, this June we also welcome Alexis Willems from Bbest (CEO of our Partner in Belgium and Luxembourg) as the new Senior Manager for Membership Europe. He is already in contact with many EFQM Members to assess their needs and develop new value proposition as well as dedicated projects to support these organisations on their journey towards Excellence.

Further in this newsletter, we share with you an article developed by Hans Hoffmann (Executive VP Controlling and Administration - Gasoline Systems Division & Board Member of EFQM), his team from Robert Bosch Gasoline Systems Division and Thomas Baûerle (EFQM Ambassador). Starting on p. 8 you will read their review of the Leadership Culture at this Bosch Plant and their Innovative use of the Excellence Approach in a Multinational Company.

Another very interesting article from this Newsletter and written by Hervé Legenvre (Director of EIPM) is on Excellence in Ecosystem Platform. We will share with you his full story over the summer, so make sure to read the editions of July and August. This series of articles will introduce you to the topic and will offer you a strong base to follow the webinar on the same topic from September 5th. Have a look at p.14 to read the article and p. 17 to register to the webinar on Excellence in Ecosystem Platform.

Finally, I would like to remind you to register to the EFQM Forum which is organised this year in collaboration with our Spanish Partner Club Excelencia en Gestion. The event will take place in Madrid on October 26th - 27th and features a blend of international speakers on the theme "Excellence through Agility" and its many aspects.

Enjoy the reading,

Léon Tossaint


  • Editorial from Léon Tossaint, EFQM CEO;
  • Message from the EFQM Board of Directors;
  • New staff at EFQM;
  • EFQM Ambassador Profile;
  • Review of Leadership Culture @ Gasoline Systems Division of Bosch;
  • Thinking in Ecosystems for Business Model Innovation part 1/3;
  • New webinars and training courses;


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