The EFQM Newsletter - March 2017

5 April 2017

MARCH 2017


Dear Members, Dear Friends,

March rings the start of the EFQM Award Assessors Briefings and as such, the start of the Global EFQM Excellence Award Process of 2017. The one difference this year though is the fact that we will leave the applications open until end of May for late comers. With an updated process supporting the award and new training courses better preparing our assessors, the Global EFQM Excellence Award is the right choice if your organisation is looking for a high level strategic feedback to keep advancing on your Journey to Excellence as well as aiming for global recognition.Please contact Samuli Pruikkonen if you would like to join this year's Award process or if you have any question.

A major pillar in the EFQM portfolio is our sharing offer which now includes Communities of Practice. These virtual meetings will enable our members to exchange on specific/trendy topics and challenges, develop knowledge and innovative approaches to be shared with the wider community. This is also an excellent opportunity to get in touch with other experts and members from the network, deepen your knowledge as well as keep your organisation one step ahead/always more competitive. At the moment, we kick-started the Communities of Practice with a survey sent to all our Member contacts. If this new sharing opportunity catches your interest, please make sure to fill-in the short survey you received this March and circulate it among your organisation.

On another note, I would like to encourage our Members from Middle East to meet the EFQM Team at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition, also known as DIGAE, this April. We are taking part this year again in this event, at the Excellence Pavilion (DIGAE C-13A/B/C), together with local and international EFQM Members. I would like to encourage you to visit our booth to see concrete examples of excellence, network and get direct contact with the EFQM Team Members on site who can support you on your Journey to Excellence.

One example of an excellent organisation from the Middle East, would be the Department of Economic Development, recognised for Excellence 4 Star earlier this year. I had the pleasure of visiting this government body this March, with Isra'a Mobideen (EFQM Middle East Manager) to hand over their recognition certificate and discuss their journey so far and next step.

Further in this newsletter, you can read about an upcoming Good Practice Visit hosted by Aéroports de Lyon, an EFQM Excellence Award Prize Winner 2016, but also "meet" Stéphane Verdoux, one of our French EFQM Ambassadors. 

Finally, we share with you the next opportunity to join the Qualified Assessor Training, a course enabling you to get one step closer to assessing in the Award process, as well as how to get your own copy of the quite popular booklet "The New ISO Standards on Management Systems and the EFQM Excellence Model". Based on this, we are launching a programme: "Excellence beyond ISO", a subject which is raising a lot of interest in the market. Please contact EFQM for more information.

Enjoy the reading,

Léon Tossaint


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