What is on your CEO's mind?

5 February 2014

Wouldn't it be great to know?

Well, I'll level with you now - this might not be on your CEO's mind but it is on the mind of over 1,000 CEOs who took part in the latest research done by the Financial Times. They identified 5 key areas that were currently keeping CEOs awake at night:

  • Human Capital - including increasing employee engagement, training & development and performance management
  • Customer Relationships - including heightened awareness of needs, product / service quality and personal engagement
  • Innovation - including creating a culture of entrepreneurship, exploiting new technologies and forming strategic alliances
  • Operational Excellence - including aligning strategic and operational goals, increasing agility and flexibility and increasing productivity through increased employee engagement
  • Corporate Brand & Reputation - including communicating the values to key stakeholders, quality of products and processes and effective use of social media

A quick glance at this list brings back a strange feeling of déjà vu here at EFQM. All these issues appeared in the research we did in the last review of the EFQM Excellence Model.... And hopefully you too will see these themes reflected in both the concepts and the criteria.

So, we could perhaps be forgiven for patting ourselves on the back and thinking we got it right... But if that's the case, why aren't more organisations active within our community? Why does the EFQM Model remain "the best kept secret in business"?

This is partly down to our own "Corporate Brand and Reputation" and how effectively we communicate our values to this key stakeholder group. Which is where you can help, dear reader. Was your CEO amongst the sample of this survey? Are these the issues that keep them awake at night? Why don't you ask them.... We might have the answer they're looking for.

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