EFQM Award 2015

Announcing the EFQM Award Results 2015

We are proud to announce the results of the EFQM Excellence Award 2015. Congratulations to all Applicants for going this far into their Journey towards Excellence!

BMW AG Werk Regensburg - Award Winner

With a workforce of approximately 9,000 people, BMW’s Regensburg plant produces around 1,100 cars per day. Besides its high flexibility and mastery of a large range of variants, this EFQM Excellence Award Winner’s outstanding efficiency becomes particularly apparent in its great launch expertise. The Jury recognised consistent top level performance and good practices amongst all the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, including many specific role-model practices. BMW Regensburg are persistently pursuing Excellence

WDH - Award Winner

One of the UK’s largest social landlords, WDH owns 31,000 properties and repairs a further 12,000. As a social enterprise, this EFQM Excellence Award Winner’s vision is to create confident communities and improve the quality of life of the people living in their homes. The Jury was impressed by WDH’s long-term plans to improve the lives of their customers and the outstanding results in all performance areas. On top of that, there is a vision that runs through the organisation like a golden thread, supported by an inspirational leadership and passion in the organisation.

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. - Prize for “Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity”

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. produces a wide portfolio that spans across navigation systems, instrumentation systems and high-end car radios for the automotive industry to only name a few product lines. Over the years, the know-how of the more than 2.000 associates turned the company into a reference in the electronics sector. The Jury was impressed not only by the way the changing business environment has been managed with agility, but more importantly by the strength of the leadership and vision, and the robust foundation that has been established for the future.

Cabinet d'Orthodontie Becker & Associés - Prize for “Adding Value for Customer”

With its 5 sites located in Luxembourg, Cabinet Becker’s private dental practice specialises solely in orthodontics. They deliver excellence in their diagnosis, treatment and medical care in line with patients’ needs. The jury was impressed by the excellence service with a personalised patient programme, and considered that Cabinet Becker to be outstanding within their sector.

Coca-Cola Icecek AS Bursa Plant - Prize for “Developing Organisational Capability”

Fifth largest Coca Cola bottler, Coca-Cola Icecek produces, distributes and sells sparkling and still beverages in Turkey and across the region with a workforce of 10,000 spread across 24 plants. Within this entity, the jury recognises the Bursa Plant’s very high flexibility to manage the whole portfolio and the excellent execution of operational activities.

Robert Bosch, Blaichach Plant - Prize for “Managing with Agility”

With a workforce of about 3,100 people, Robert Bosch’s Blaichach/Immenstadt plant is the biggest industrial employer in Germany’s Allgäu region. It manufactures mainly electronic brake control systems (ABS and ESP®), injection components and sensors for powertrain technology. The jury recognised the continuous flow of improvement activities deployed within processes as well as the extraordinary wide and deep set of technical competencies and the strong deployment of methods and tools.

Robert Bosch, Rodez Plant - Prize for “Sustaining Outstanding Results” & for “Developing Organisational Capability”

Located in France’s Midi-Pyrénées region, Robert Bosch’s Rodez Plant provides work for approximately 10.000 people. The Plant manufactures energy saving and emission-reducing engine components. The jury was impressed by the plant’s strategy deployment, the alignment of people strategy, the high level operations and maintenance excellence as well as the deployment of tools and techniques. They recognised the consistent deployment of excellence approaches.

Sakarya University Esentepe Campus Serdivan - Prize for “Developing Organisational Capability”

Founded in 1970, Sakarya University has become a world-class education centre with its over 40 faculties, schools and institutes located in Turkey. The jury was impressed by SABIS, the unique interface to access any information system within the campus. It provides access for all students and staff and allows for effective management and communications.

Sanitas Hospitales - Prize for “Succeeding through the Talent of People”

Responsible for managing hospitals infrastructure within their Group, Sanitas Hospitales receives an EFQM Excellence Prize. Their network is composed of 4 hospitals, 20 multi-speciality centres and offers emergency care at home. The Jury recognised their outstanding results, the patient care “green jacket” programme and also the “Everyday hero programme” they have created for employees.

VAMED-KMB Krankenhausmanagement - Prize for “Adding Value for Customer”

VAMED-KMB, with its highly qualified staff of 1.000, provides valuable and sustainable operations management services for hospitals on behalf of Vienna’s healthcare system. They have maintained the Vienna General Hospital ever since its construction. The Jury recognises the strong interaction VMED-KMB have with their customer, which justifies an Excellence Prize for Adding Value for Customer.

General Directorate of IETT Enterprises - Finalist

IETT is the public bus transport directorate operating under İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. İETT offers services in the province of İstanbul (a total surface area of 5461 km²). İETT owns the General Directorate Building located in Beyoğlu/Tünel, an administrative building located in Karaköy and ten garages for parking and maintenance-repair operations in various districts of İstanbul.

Geriatrische Gesundheitszentren der Stadt Graz - Finalist

The Geriatric Health Centres of the City of Graz, Austria (GGZ) are a competence centre for geriatrics and gerontology. They are a commercially independent and in legal terms an integral part of the City of Graz (100% public ownership). The GGZ consists of 2 clinics, 4 nursing homes, 4 day-care centres and assisted living and other forms of accommodation. The scope of the assessment included the 2 clinics and 2 day-care centres, located in the same street.

Metsä Fibre Oy - Finalist

Metsä Fibre (MF) is a Finland-based responsible pulp producer. The main raw material for its Botnia products is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. MF produces bleached softwood and birch pulp developed for the production of high-quality boards, tissue and printing papers and specialty products. In addition, MF produces biochemicals and bioenergy.

Pierburg S.A - Finalist

Pierburg S.A., formerly known as Carbureibar S.A., was founded in Eibar, a town in the Basque Country (region of Spain), in 1957 by 2 families. The company initially manufactured carburetors for motorbikes, cars and motor powered machinery, vacuum pumps for braking systems and mechanical fuel pumps. Pierburg S.A. became part of the German Pierburg GmbH group in 1991 and is currently the leading plant of the Pierburg Group in the manufacture of exhaust gas recirculation valves (EGR) and control valves for secondary air systems (SAS).

SCLE SFE - Finalist

SCLE SFE is based in the south of France, with headquarters in Toulouse and an agency in Marseilles. It is specialised in the design, manufacturing and the distribution of products, systems and services for the high-voltage transformer substations automatisms and for railway signalling systems. Safety, quality, performance and availability are SCLE SFE’s focal points.

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