EFQM and Digital Transformation

We often hear the expression: “We are in the Digital Age”, or “It’s not an Era of changes, but a change of Era”. Well, digital platforms, technologies and business models have changed everything; the world nowadays is like a global village, more connected, more informed. However, more opportunities create more risks too. The revolution has …

EFQM interviews the chairwoman of the Board of KalDer, Ms. Buket Eminoglu Pilavci

As part of a new series of video interviews being launched by EFQM, we are pleased to present the second interview with the Chairwoman of the Board of KalDer, Ms. Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı     Who is Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı? Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı studied in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture, whereupon she continued her career as an …

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