A series of 18 Modules to become an EFQM Performance Excellence Officer

All modules are delivered through the EFQM Virtual Live Classroom platform. This supporting platform enables a focused, interactive learning experience for individuals at all levels, with the flexibility to participate wherever you are and fit into a busy work schedule.

EFQM is developing a series of short modules delivered by expert trainers direct to your workplace. Each module covers key excellence related subjects using plain and simple language and everyday examples.

Once you start the serie of modules, with one module per week, in 18 weeks you reach the qualification of EFQM Performance Excellence Officer. Each module will take between 1 and 3 hours.

Calendar 2019
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RED Level

This first level will provide you with a good basis of understanding what it means to start an Excellence journey, what are the fundamental concpets, and the EFQM Excellence Model in action, including a real example of a role-model organisation.


A deep dive into more specific themes, such as the RADAR logic and how to apply it on project management, the ISO world and how it relates to EFQM, Sustainability, including a real example from an organisation "on the way" towards Excellence

BLUE Level

A final set of 6 modules to master your knowledge with key topics. Benchmarking, the Management Document, how to make the best of the site visit, how to value a feedback report, how to maximise the action plan, including a real example of a role-model organisation that has been recognised at the EFQM Global Excellence Award.


Participation Fee - Special Launch Offer

  • Red Level: 300€
  • Yellow Level: 400€
  • Blue Level: 500€
  • Total for the three levels: 1.200€

All fees are excluding VAT


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