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Being part of the EFQM Community is your opportunity to learn from others as well as contributing to this wide network of peers from other organisations from Europe and beyond. EFQM Members include more than 400 organisations, sharing a common goal; the pursuit of excellence.  The EFQM Model is a common language; it facilitates sharing of experiences.  The membership fee is based on the annual turnover of the organisation:

Annual Turnover Category Standard Fee  
More than 1 billion Euros A 11,550  
Between 100 million and 1 billion Euros B 5,750  
Between 5 million and 100 million Euros C 2,800  
Less than 5 million Euros D 1,400  


Starting your Journey to Excellence

To help new members get started on their journey, we’ve added the following benefits for new members:

One Day Workshop

New A and B Members can book a free One Day Workshop for up to 12 people*. The workshop will help you understand how the Model can support your organisation’s development. At the end of the day, you’ll not only know more about the Model… you’ll have completed an initial assessment and agreed the priorities you need to address in the coming year.

Free EFQM Training

Depending on your membership category you can book a free place on EFQM Assessor Training course at the EFQM offices in Brussels or one of the following courses taking place in Dubai: the EFQM Journey to ExcellenceEFQM Leaders for Excellence or Internal Assessor Training. If you prefer online training you can choose free EFQM Basic Assessor Training instead. These courses are designed to give you the practical knowledge and tools you need to get the most from applying the EFQM Excellence Model.

How to become an EFQM Member

The first step to take when joining the EFQM community is to choose one individual within the organisation to be the EFQM Representative. This person will act as a partner within the overall EFQM community contributing to the ongoing development of Sustainable Excellence and will be the key contact between the organisation and the EFQM staff.  The EFQM Representative should be the driving force in aiding the highest ranking executive in the development and implementation of Sustainable Excellence within the organisation. This role is key for the success of your engagement with the EFQM network, both within and outside the organisation.

The next steps to become an EFQM Member is to fill in the Application Form and the Affiliation Agreement.  The original documents have to be signed and return to us to validate your membership.   Once this is done and all necessary documentation has been provided, you will receive your membership certificate and the corresponding invoice.

Applying for Membership

To apply for the EFQM Membership, please fill in the application form and affiliation agreement and provide us with a scan of the application form (including 2 hand signed copies of the affiliation agreement - pages 6 and 7).  Other documents which are requested to complete your Membership file are:

  • Latest annual report or similar information, clarifying the organisation's turnover or budget figures
  • An organisational chart outlining the position of the designated EFQM representative for your organisation

* The standard price for the One Day Workshop is €2.500, excluding travel & accommodation for the Trainer. For new A & B category members, there is no fee for the workshop but travel & accommodation costs must be covered.

Start using the Model

Our "Start Simple" package makes sure that first step is in the right direction. It's designed to support you through the first 12 months of your journey.

Want to learn more about EFQM & the Model...

Join our next EFQM Open Doors Day and learn how the EFQM Excellence Model and our portfolio can support your organisation...

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