Creativity and Innovation

28 October 2013

Stavropol State Agrarian University - Russia

2013 EFQM Excellence Prize Winner in "Harnessing Creativity and Innovation"

“By participating in the EFQM Excellence Awards, we have formed a culture of " the thirst for knowledge", through which we have learned to see opportunities rather than obstacles, to determine the critical points of the required improvements and to set ambitious goals and achieve them.”
Vladimir Trukhachev, Rector


The Stavropol State Agrarian University (SSAU) is the leading Russian center of education, science and culture, realizing training, scientific-research and consulting-methodological activity. It was founded in 1930.

The University consists of 8 faculties from which 18,500 students get their training. Staff includes 1,405 people with an average age of 39 years. 92, 1 % of the teaching staff has academic degrees and titles.

The University benefits from 136 strategic partners, 66 partner countries and 51 branch departments on the base of employers. The graduates’ employment rate is 95.3%.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model 

  • SSAU has been a role model in society, a pioneer in excellence as a university and deployed a culture of excellence across its faculties, units and its internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Over the past 5 years, SSAU has demonstrated positive trends in most of its customer results. In 2012 97.5% of students would advise their friends/acquaintances/relatives to take studies at SSAU. 
  • Last 5 years, SSAU has shown good performance in all of the people result areas. In 2012 98% of people were satisfied with the workspace. There is confidence that the results will stay high in future. 
  • Society Perception Surveys show positive trends over a period of 3 years. In 2012 over the 95% of the studying youth, adults and elderly considered SSAU’s studies particularly prestigious. 
  • Income of the SSAU per unity is above governmental obligations and it is first in class compared to its competitors.

“SSAU has demonstrated a consistent and strong commitment to implementing a culture of excellence in all areas, with strong leadership and involvement of academic and administrative staff and students. “
Celal Seçkin, Assessment Team Leader