December 2017

Dear Readers, Dear EFQM Friends,

With 2018 around the corner, it is time to look back again on a rich and eventful year. A lot has happened during 2017: great events have been organised, over 70 new members have joined, new partnerships have been signed, new EFQM products were launched, to only name a few. A lot of what has happened this year, you can read about in this magazine.

In this edition of Excellence in Action, we celebrate Excellence across our growing network. We want to congratulate all organisations who have participated in the Global Excellence Award programme to strive to be excellent and to always improve themselves. In this Magazine, we share with you an article developed by Xavier Rubiralta Costa talking about EFQM and IT Governance. You will also find articles about the Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council, the trainings planned for in 2018, an invitation to join the Global EFQM Excellence Awards, and much more. Another section of this Excellence in Action is related to the EFQM Virtual Office we opened in Lima, Peru this year. If you read further, you will discover the EFQM role in the CAQ-EFQM Global Excellence Conference in Beijing in the “Great Hall of the People”, a prestigious event in China supported by many leading Chinese multinationals as well as by the Chinese government.

As an overall picture of what happened in 2017, I would like to emphasize the Global spread of EFQM being now strongly positioned with offices in Europe (Brussels HQ and Rome), in Asia with offices in Iran and Beijing, in the Middle East (Dubai) and South America Pacific with an office in Lima (Peru). The membership has grown to the level of over 450 members where we finally have reversed the down trend of the last 7 years. Our trainings portfolio has been totally renewed and our Partners Network has been extended with India, Romania and Peru to a total of 48 National Partners around the globe.

Finally, EFQM has launched the EFQM Global Excellence Index, a web based platform where over 1100 organisations worldwide who have been recognised by EFQM can profile themselves as a leading organisation for excellence within their sector. This EFQM Index provides an extensive database for learning from role model practices and for benchmarking within and across sectors.

We had an impressive year at EFQM and look forward to our next challenge in 2018! We wish you the best for the New Year and enjoy a well-deserved break! 

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