February 2015

Excellence in Action - A new begining

Dear readers, dear friends,

I hope your organisation is off to a good start for 2015 as the New Year is already well underway. The economic environment shows signs of overall improvement. Yet uncertainty remains high as significant diplomatic and financial tensions exist locally and energy prices experience huge swings.

Agility and scenario planning are more critical than ever in such a context. But they are far from sufficient even if the near future is uncertain; innovation and sustainability must also remain high on management agenda if organisations are to perform at their maximum potential for years to come. You will find here several articles on these topics.

We hope this edition of Excellence in Action and all the activities we organise around the deployment of excellence will help you map out and perform the things your organisation needs in order to excel.

Kind regards,

Enjoy the reading!

Marc Amblard
Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

In this issue of Excellence in Action, you will read about...

The 1st pillar of the EFQM Strategy - About expanding the Excellence footprint

Let’s zoom in on the 1st pillar, “expand the excellence footprint”. The strategic objective here is to make more people aware of excellence and understand how their organisations can benefit from it. Even if EFQM has been around since 1989 (and the Model since 1991), general awareness remains too low. The deployment of excellence is also often seen as conflicting with such approaches as ISO 9001 or Lean 6 sigma. These approaches are in fact very much complementary. Moreover, the EFQM Excellence Model is sometimes perceived as complex and resource-intensive, in particular by smaller organisations. So our initiatives aim at increasing the visibility of excellence and EFQM and correcting the image.

The results of the Community Survey 2014

We’ve been running an annual survey for our Community, giving everyone the chance to give us feedback on what’s working, what they like and where they feel we need to improve.  We received over 580 responses to the last survey, conducted in November 2014.  The aim is to understand what people from organisations both inside and outside our network think about the EFQM Excellence Model and the EFQM Foundation.

A Testimonial from Volvo Trucks on Innovation

In 2013, Volvo Trucks received the coveted Quality Innovation of the Year award for its Volvo Dynamic Steering technology. Handed out every year by the Finnish Quality Association, this award stimulates the development of high-quality innovations. Mr Hayder Wokil from Volvo Trucks talks about the company’s participation in the Competition and what they wanted to achieve…

The Launch of the Good Practice Competition 2015, the new Online Assessment Training and more...


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