September 2016

Dear Readers,

In this edition of Excellence in Action, I would like to emphasize again the newly launched Assessor Development Path which is aiming to fulfill the ambitions of all the managers and excellence experts who want to become part of the global assessor pool of EFQM; able to participate in international EFQM assessments and to absorb the unique learning experience which will add substantial value to their own management career development.

During the EFQM Forum this September, we will celebrate the nominated organisations who have participated in the EFQM Excellence Award 2016 Programme. You can find a description of the participating organisations further in this magazine.

You will also find an interesting article from Bosch Rodez (France) about agility, the ability to continuously adapt and anticipate volatile, uncertain and complex business challenges. A unique visit of the French President to a French Bosch organisation recognises the breakthrough they have realized in a strong collaboration with the Unions, an industry 4.0 approach and focus on environmental have become global competitive.

EFQM has created a renewed relationship with Iranian organisations. The Iranian Excellence Association (IEA) has been founded through the support of 22 leading Iranian organisations under the leadership of prof. Shorabpour Saeed from the Sharif University. This IEA is the official EFQM representative in Iran now. During the launching event in Tehran on June 20, Prof. Shorabpour (IEA leader) and EFQM leaders (Gianluca Mulè and myself) have celebrated their partnership. The renewed branch of EFQM, active in Iran, will support the many organisations who are using the EFQM Model already for decades. 

The partnership EFQM has already created in May with the Chinese Association for Quality (CAQ) has in the meantime resulted in setting up an EFQM office in Beijing at the premises of CAQ, with the main focus to support all those Chinese organisations who want to become an EFQM Member and also all those Chinese subsidiaries from European multinationals who are already EFQM Members.

 In Europe we are strengthening the Membership base, see the list of new members later in this edition. We are negotiating with several global leaders, Headquartered in Europe, and we invite all European organisations with the ambition to be a global leader through drawing excellence as a strategic challenge within their organisation. Expending our membership base is crucial for a strong network and the future of EFQM.

A good example is the recent signed Membership agreement with the Dubai Police. We are proud to welcome Dubai Police among the network, not only because this organisation is a role model within their sector but also because of the many projects EFQM and Dubai Police are going to set up with the Emirates.

In this edition of Excellence in Action, you can read more about the EFQM Forum taking place in Milan on September 29th and 30th but also about its speakers, the process and how to register.

The entire EFQM Team remains always available to support you and answer your questions should you have any.

Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

In this issue of Excellence in Action...

  • Driving Excellence beyond the Limits, the EFQM Forum 2016
  • Discover who are the Award Nominees
  • Read about the Internet of Things with Xavier Rubiralta
  • Bosch Rodez, Ability to adap - V.U.C.A. Creates a sustainable future
  • New EFQM Members
  • Good Practice Visit at GGZ on October 20th
  • Discover how the Qualified Assessor Training can add value to your management carrer
  • EFQM and Iran, a new partnership is born
  • Renewed membership agreement with Dubai Police
  • Events to come


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