Managing by Processes

8 July 2013

Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti S.p.A. - Italy

EFQM's 2012 Awards Prize Winner in "Managing by Processes".

"The EFQM Model is a source of inspiration. We made the first step on this road in 2004. Any regrets? No, certainly not."
Jens Last, Commercial Plant Manager


The Bosch Group is a leading international technology and service enterprise. More than 300,000 associates generated a turnover of €51.5 billion in the fiscal year 2011 through automotive and industrial technology, as well as consumer goods and building technology. With 2,000 employees, Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti S.p.A. (Bosch Bari) is the largest automotive supplier production facility in southern Italy, mainly producing high pressure pumps for diesel engines.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

  • With the implementation of the Bosch Production System the company refined and quickly improved standardized and efficient processes thus having reached "Best in Class" status.
  • Following their strategy, Bosch Bari is to improve customer satisfaction by producing the highest quality, with shortest delivery times, and at the lowest costs. The Customer Satisfaction Index has shown positive trends since 2006.
  • Increasing the satisfaction and motivation of all associates through standardized and transparent processes and high associate involvement in the continuous improvement process is another goal achieved through the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • Since implementing the EFQM Model in 2004, Bosch Bari has shown remarkable improvements in key results, including quality, delivery, and cost.

Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti S.p.A. is EFQM's 2012 Awards Prize Winner in "Managing by Processes".

"There is clear evidence that the already highly effective and efficient process management system is being further developed to achieve even higher levels of performance"
Tadeusz Buchacz, EFQM Assessment Team Leader