Permanent Operational Improvement

8 July 2013

B. Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt. - Hungary

EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist

"We recommend this Model as it allows for a permanent operational improvement and prepares any organisation to ensure sustainability in the long run."
Peter Horn, General Manager


Since its foundation in 1839, B. Braun has grown into one of the leading healthcare enterprises in the world employing 44,000 people in five continents. With its 650 employees and more than 20 years of history, B. Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt. provides dialysis treatments for renal patients in 18 dialysis centers. Using the most modern medical equipment and quality standards, the company provides life-sustaining care for more than 40% of the Hungarian kidney patients performing close to 500,000 high quality treatments a year.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

  • Patient satisfaction has increased from 91% in 2007 to 97% in 2011.
  • Applying the Model has helped identify and spread good practice, consciously and systematically.
  • B. Braun has achieved a strict cost control and awareness about how material consumption can be reduced to an optimum level. This allows the company, in the current market environment, to realise their basic philosophy: "professionally possible and economically affordable".

B. Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt.  was a Finalist in the EFQM's 2012 Excellence Awards.

"In most of the cases patients are considered part of the "family" and they are not just getting high quality nephrology treatment but they enjoy the care of the members of the Centre."
Georgios Christodoulou, EFQM Assessment Team Leader