Succeeding through People

7 August 2013

Mutualia - Spain

EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist

"There are many management models but we are convinced that the one we've chosen is a model of success. We recommend the EFQM Model to others as a reference management model."
Miguel Angel Lujua, Chief Executive Officer


Mutualia, a member of Corporacion Mutua, is a not-for-profit business association of joint liability which collaborates with the Social Security System in the management of work-related accidents and illness and non-work-related temporary disability for member organisations, their dependent workers and the self-employed.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

  • Mutualia shows high satisfaction levels of customers, wider-society and the efficiency ratios achieved through professional and effective deployment of the EFQM Model.
  • The positive trends are attributable to improvement actions taken in the areas of Customer Management and in Process Management.
  • Special mention must be made of the increase in 2011, despite the budget restrictions. This satisfaction result reflects the positive impact of improvements in areas such as leadership, training, communication and participation.

Mutualia is nominated for the EFQM's 2012 Excellence Awards.

"The achievements and performance reached by the organisation in the recent years is very noticeable, demonstrating a really strong commitment to excellence."
Dr. Andras Hary, EFQM Assessment Team Leader