Taking care of the customers

27 October 2013

Sanitas Hospitales - Spain

2013 EFQM Excellence Award Finalist

“The great advantage of working with this tool is that it allows us to have a diagnosis that includes a balanced view of the various key aspects of the company, from leadership to results.”
Iñaki Peralta, General Manager


Sanitas Group based in Spain is specialised in healthcare and social healthcare services. The group is made of: Sanitas Insurance, Sanitas Hospitales, Sanitas Residential and Sanitas Healthcare Services. Sanitas Hospitales (SH) is responsible of managing the hospitals infrastructure within the Group. SH’s own network is composed of 2 hospitals, 19 multi-speciality centers and Sanitas Acude (emergency care at home).

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model 

  • SH consistently performs well over most perception measures regarding customers; results show sustained or positive trends since 2007. 
  • The participation rate of People Perception Survey has increased over the last five years, confirming a positive trend towards a high involvement of employees. 
  • The latest image results show that SH is perceived as a leader in the private medical sector, a pioneer in the field of health and as having high quality prestige. 
  • Sanitas Hospitales has achieved the targets set for certification of their entities in ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and UNE 170001. 
  • Key financial results (revenues, profit etc.) demonstrate sustainable good performance over the last 3 years; targets are met or exceeded. 
  • There is confidence that performance levels will be sustained in the future particularly based on the financial and investment approaches.

“Employees of SH have succeeded in creating an organization where everyone is dedicated to the Mission “of taking care of the client” to ensure their well-being while also keeping in mind the Vision of “Profitable Growth.”
Dr. Susanne Kaldschmidt, Assessor Team Leader