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5 September 2013

Telecom Italia - Human Resources and Organisation Department

EFQM Recognised for Excellence 3-star - 2013

“The EFQM Model has changed our way of working and communicating in a very significant manner. It was a catalyst for driving change and business improvement in order to achieve a balanced stakeholder satisfaction.”
Lorenzo Roberti Vittory, HR International key Account and EFQM Telecom Italia HR Representative  


With about 400 employees HRO is a staff function of Telecom Italia and reports to the Chief Operating Officer. The main processes are Organizational Development, Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations.

Telecom Italia is the leading Italian Telecommunications and ICT provider, with business operations in fixed and mobile telecommunications, Internet and Media, business solutions and R&D. It is one of the most important Telco players in Latin America and one of the Top Ten global Telco players.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

  • The EFQM Model has helped Telecom Italia HRO to create a common language and framework engaging and enabling people to improve ways of thinking, processes and products.
  • Telecom Italia HRO has developed and deployed a culture focused on benchmarks and outputs.
  • The EFQM Model has contributed to the enrichment of HRO professionals’ competences.
  • The organization shows high personal involvement and engagement of HRO-leaders with important stakeholders like trade unions, customers and community bodies such as universities.
  • Telecom Italia HRO is delivering high quality core HR products and services, proven by target achievement and overall by good results in customer surveys.
  • People perception survey shows a clear improvement in all aspects during the recent years.
  • Financial indicators show positive trends and mostly target achievement.

Telecom Italia - Human Resources and Organisation Department achieved Recognised for Excellence 3-star in 2013.

“Leaders and associates are consistently working on improvements towards their vision of becoming a credible and value adding partner. By sustaining and even extending this, the assessors are sure that TI.HRO will continue to contribute to the success of Telecom Italia.”
Dr. Thomas Baeuerle, Assessment Team Leader