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In 2014, 8 organisations were nominated for the EFQM Excellence Award. Out of the 8 nominees, the jury identified one Award Winner, 4 Prize Winners and 3 Finalists. All the Finalists are organisations that can demonstrate a sustained level of excellence over at least 3 years which sets them apart from their peers. To become an EFQM Prize Winner, they must also demonstrate that they are a role model in a specific Fundamental Concept of Excellence, such as Leadership, Innovation or Customer Focus.

The Award is a prestigious recognition only bestowed by the Jury to an organisation demonstrating they are truly a Role Model of Excellence. If the Jury feels that none of the applicants can clearly demonstrate this level of Excellence, no Award is given that year. This is what makes the EFQM Award such a prestigious award. This year, the Jury decided to recognise Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti S.p.A. (a Bosch manufacturing plant in Bari, Italy) as the EFQM Award Winner for 2014.

“This 23rd edition of the EFQM Award is somewhat unique: it coincides with the celebration of EFQM 25th anniversary. 25 years of promoting excellence and helping organisations of all types in all sectors deploy the EFQM Excellence Model to improve their overall performance. Over 500 organisations undergo an EFQM assessment each year but only a few reach the highest level of maturity. This year’s EFQM Award recognizes not only the Award and Prize winners for the sustainable excellence they have demonstrated, but all those who participated; their relentless efforts to achieve superior performance is remarkable. Now many organisations in the EFQM Community can learn from their good practices. Congratulations!”
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

BOSCH Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti S.p.A.

EFQM Excellence Award Winner 2014 & Prize Winner in Creating a Sustainable Future, Managing with Agility and Succeeding through the Talent of People

BarP is an operational unit of the Diesel Systems Division which is part of the Automotive Technology Business Sector of the Bosch Group. BarP produces Common Rail diesel fuel injection pumps. With nearly 1,700 associates and more than 240 million Euros sales, it is the largest Bosch entity in Italy and the biggest automotive plant in Apulia.

“Bari Plants are a Bosch lead plant committed to continuous improvement and business excellence. In 2012 they were prize-winners in the “Managing by Processes” category at the EEA. Since then they have continued in their journey to excellence by acting upon the improvement opportunities identified in the 2012 report and in sustaining their positive results trends. Congratulations! ” 
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

BMW AG Werk Regensburg

EFQM Prize Winner in Managing with Agility

Plant Regensburg has been manufacturing vehicles for BMW AG since 1986. In 2013, 295,417 vehicles (daily production output: 1,100 units) made in Regensburg were delivered to customers all over the world. So Plant Regensburg is the third largest plant in the BMW Group production network. Products include BMW series 1, series 3 (Sedan), series 4 (convertible), M3 Sedan, M4 convertible, Z4.

“Plant Regensburg acts as a role model within the BMW Group when it comes to the deployment of excellence, and among its peers in the industry regarding industrial performance. In particular, they have mastered the complexity of new model introduction at a rate of 2 per year, reaching already 7 models on the same line. It is this remarkable agility that was recognized by both our Assessor Team and the Award Jury.”  
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

One Vision Housing

EFQM Prize Winner in Adding Value for Customers

One Vision Housing is a Registered Provider of Social Housing with more than 11,500 homes across Sefton, Merseyside. It was formed in October 2006, following a successful stock transfer from Sefton Council and are a not for profit organisation, regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency. One Vision Housing is part of the Sovini Group which was formed in December 2011 and also includes Pine Court Housing Association, Sovini Property Services and Teroma (trade supplies).

“Community Development is critical, and an examination of the areas served by One vision housing demonstrates the outstanding work done by all staff, in line with the Strategic Plan. It was evident that customer facing staff take a keen and pleasant manner with them either ‘on the road’ or in the Call Management Centre. Staff members are proud to meet customer needs. Congratulations to all for your dedication!” 
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

Siemens Motion Control, Congleton

EFQM Prize Winner in Developing Organisational Capabilities and Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity

Siemens Congleton, based in Cheshire UK, is an operational manufacturing unit within the Drive Technologies division (DT) which is a part of the Industry sector. DT comprises several business units with 45 factories worldwide. Siemens Congleton is a contract manufacturer for the Motion Control business unit (MC) within DT, supplying over 1.2 million electrical devices, including 500,000 variable speed drives (known as Inverters), to Siemens MC and is 1 of 9 global MC manufacturing facilities.

“The main challenge for Siemens Congleton, as with many manufacturers in Europe, is to secure their future. They need to remain cost competitive within the global market, whilst ensuring their ability to deliver quality products on time, everytime. They have risen to meet this challenge by creating an agile, innovative organisation, with a zero defect culture, that has enabled them to compete not just on quality but also on price with anyone, anywhere. We are delighted to recognise their great efforts, and we are convinced they’ll inspire others.” 
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

The Cedar Foundation

EFQM Prize Winner in Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity

The Cedar Foundation (Cedar) is a leading voluntary organisation in Northern Ireland focusing on inclusion for people with disabilities. Cedar is a service provider and their purpose is summarised in their Vision and Mission statements. The Vision is a society accessible to all. The Mission is to provide exceptional services that support children and adults with disabilities to participate in all aspects of community life.

“Our Assessors were particularly impressed by the culture within the Cedar Foundation. They have created complimentary leadership and people management approaches to form a single team, with highly involved and supportive leaders and staff that are passionate about what they do.” 
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

Infineon Technologies Austria AG IFAT

EFQM Finalist

Infineon Technologies Austria is Infineon`s globally leading competence unit for power semiconductors. It draws on synergies in R&D expertise, manufacturing excellence and global business responsibility to drive the company`s success worldwide.

“Infineon Technologies Austria AG (IFAT) is committed to continuous improvement and Business Excellence. In 2012 IFAT won the national (Austrian) excellence award. IFAT has continued on its journey to excellence by acting upon the improvement opportunities identified and in strengthening their business results. Congratulations!”  
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

Pompes Grundfos SAS

EFQM Finalist

Pompes GRUNDFOS SAS France (internally designated as PGF) is one of Grundfos fifteen production companies. Established in 1972 and located in Longeville-lès-Saint-Avold in Moselle, PGF is the result of the commitment to internationalisation and development of the Group outside Denmark. The key sectors of PGF are the customisation, manufacturing and distribution of circulators and pump systems.

“The assessor team was particularly impressed both by Grundfos’ focus on operational excellence by way of continuous improvement and by the staff dedication to customers, cooperating closely with HVAC OEM and sales companies. This result is only possible thanks to the motivation and recognition from the leaders which contributes to high employee involvement. Congratulations!” 
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

REGTSA - Recaudacion y Gestion Tributaria de Salamanca

EFQM Finalist

REGTSA is an Autonomous Body attached to the Province Council (Diputación Provincial) of Salamanca (Spain), established in 1992 with the purpose of providing tax management and collection services to the municipalities in the province. It started up on 1st January 1993, with the secondment of the staff of the former Provincial Tax Collection Service.

“REGTSA (Organismo Autónomo De Recaudación y Gestión Tributaria de Salamanca) has been the pioneer in becoming a “Private mind within the Public Sector” in the Salamanca region, considering municipalities as real customers and achieving the revenues growing faster than expenses. Their strong focus on engagement with external stakeholders and on developing sustainable and long term partnerships to deliver innovative solutions to their customers also impressed the assessor team. We are delighted to recognise their great efforts, and we are convinced they’ll inspire others.”  
Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer, EFQM

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