EFQM Committed to Sustainability Validation



The Project Validation option consists of two stages. In the first, you conduct a simple Self-Assessment through the EFQM Impact Self-Assessment tool, from which you will define 3 improvement plans. In the second stage, an independent EFQM Validator will reviews the outcomes delivered from the improvement projects and provides structured feedback.  


This approach has been specially designed for organisations who have not done an Impact Self-Assessment before. It takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. It checks the maturity of the enablers already have in place and rates how important each of these enablers is to achieving the objective of being sustainable. At the end of the assessment, the 20 enablers are ranked based on a combination of current maturity and importance (for the organisation, the stakeholders and the impact). This helps identify the priorities to focus on. The tool also provides templates to help structure and track the progress of the selected improvement projects.


Any organisation or business unit can apply at any time, regardless of their location, size or sector. The Committed to Sustainability Project Validation is a simple and easy step for organisations or units who are just beginning to explore ways to improve their business approach in terms of sustainability.

A typical profile of an applicant organisation looks as follows:

  • They have experience of introducing improvement initiatives but change is managed ad-hoc, now interested in taking an organisation-wide perspective.
  • They measure their performance using mainly internal measures with little use of external comparisons as the basis for target setting.


Some of the benefits of applying for an EFQM Assessment and receiving a Recognition are:

  • Creating enthusiasm for improvement
  • Developing a culture of excellence
  • Receive independent feedback on your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Increasing the impact of your sustainability strategy


The EFQM Committed to Sustainability certificate will grant you with the proof of your commitment and motivation to deliver excellent service. This accreditation will be valid for 2 years during which you also benefit from:

  • The use of the EFQM Committed to Sustainability logo in your commercial and promotional documents
  • Visibility through your organisation's name in EFQM's Recognition database on the EFQM website (with a 150 000 visitors a year)
  • EFQM's annual recognition book  

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