EFQM Sustainability Assessor Training

A 2-day training course to teach you how to assess an organisation in order to improve or prepare to apply for EFQM’s Committed to Sustainability scheme and achieve Excellence in managing Sustainability

The course is designed to replicate the EFQM Committed to Sustainability assessment process.

Participants will get access to respective tools to be able to assess the approaches as and results of their organisation on Sustainability. The training will be based on a Case Study, which has been adapted from a real submission document, to simulate the real type of information an assessor would need to assess. During the training case studies and examples from organisations will be presented.


Participants will be required to prepare for the training, by reviewing a practical Case Study, which will take from 4-8 hours, and assess the performance of the organisation, based on the following material:

  • SAT Overview presentation – Introduction to the training
  • The EFQM Sustainability Framework
  • SAT Case Study
  • SAT Workbook Homework
  • SAT Assessor Worksheet


  • Introduction
  • EFQM & Sustainability
  • Common sustainability approaches
  • Committed to Sustainability Assessment
  • Management
  • Scoring 
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Owners/Partners
  • Environment/Community
  • Final session
  • Preparing feedback
  • Individual feedback


Participants will receive access to an on-line e-learning awareness course “Let’s Think…”, which in 45-60 minutes helps you increase awareness, facilitate thinking process and change behaviour related to corporate responsibility and sustainability, as it is:

  • Structured around 7 easily understandable Areas (Management, Owners, Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Communities, Environment), to ensure awareness
  • Based on advanced, yet simplified content, to improve understanding
  • Uses characters, audios and animations, to ensure a user friendly experience
  • Based on how correct answers are to given dilemmas (rather than right or wrong), to facilitate employees’ thinking
  • Includes 7 realistic, practical work related case studies, to drive change in behavior
  • Provides feedback per overall results, question and correctness of answers to facilitate learning


Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate of successful completion as “Sustainability Assessors” by the EFQM and will be registered as formal Sustainability Assessors of the EFQM.


Learn in 4 days how to analyse, access and manage Sustainability in a systematic way To facilitate the development of Sustainability, EFQM has launched a set of two interrelated Training Courses to help professionals and organisations learn how to Manage Sustainability and Assess Sustainability, the Sustainability Management Training and the Sustainability Assessment Training.


This training is delivered regularly at the EFQM offices in Brussels, or it can be organised at your premises.  Take a look at the Calendar to see when the next EFQM Sustainability Assessor Training is planned.  


  • EFQM Member : 1,280 Euro (Excluding VAT)
  • Non-Member : 1,600 Euro (Excluding VAT)

For more information, feel free to contact us training@efqm.org

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