EFQM Forum

Achieving Sustainable Excellence

22 & 23 October 2015
Brussels, Belgium

The EFQM Forum is a great opportunity for you to learn from experts and expand your professional network. This year’s programme features exciting keynote speakers and good practices examples from organisations nominated at the EFQM Award 2015.  We focus this year on four of the eight Fundamental Concepts:

  • Sustaining Outstanding Results
  • Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity
  • Managing with Agility
  • Developing Organisational Capabilities

We look forward to welcoming each one of you in Brussels this year!

Why should you attend this year's forum?

  • Meet colleagues from across the world - Take this perfect opportunity to connect with peers inside and outside your industry who share your interest in the EFQM Excellence Model
  • Gain insights from Good Practice Case - Learn from world-class organisations on how an approach to excellence is exactly what companies need to sustain their success
  • Engage in thought provoking discussions - Contribute your own views on your organisation's journey toward excellence
  • Get inspired by impactful keynotes - Listen and get inspired by their compelling experiences and progressive ideas
  • And... Celebrate success! - Join the dinner in the renowned Autoworld Museum for an unforgettable dinner to celebrate the 2015 EFQM Excellence Award Winners


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