EFQM Forum

Celebrate 25 years of excellence!

20 & 21 October 2014 - Brussels, Belgium

The EFQM Forum is your opportunity to learn from experts and expand your professional network!  The theme for this year's Forum is "Achieving Excellence".   Throughout the Forum, your current views of accepted practice will be challenged as we give you the opportunity to learn about recipes on how Europe's leading organisations sustain their success.

This will be explored through a keynote speech followed by a few good practices examples from organisations nominated at the EFQM Award 2014 or winners of the Good Practice Competition 2014, on four of the eight Fundamental Concepts:

  • Adding Value for Customers
  • Creating a Sustainable Future
  • Harnessing Creativity and Innovation
  • Succeeding through the Talent of People

You will also have the chance to enjoy the emotional connection with the 2014 EFQM Excellence Award nominees as they celebrate their achievements at the Recognition Ceremony on the Monday evening.

Why should you attend this year's forum?

  • Connect to your peers in and outside your industry through direct contacts made by EFQM
  • Learn from world-class organisations on how an approach to excellence is  exactly what companies need to sustain their success
  • Contribute your own views on how your organisation's journey toward Excellence

The EFQM Forum goes Mobile

Follow the EFQM Forum through its mobile application.  You will find it on http://m.efqmforum.org.  Detailed programme, updated list of participants (once the registration is open), venue information and other logistics details on your tablet or smartphone.


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