EMAS as a reality in Serbia

Victoria Consulting - Serbia

Victoria Consulting is a consulting company, established in May 2006 in Serbia (specialized in environmental issues, system management standards, sustainable development, chemical management and organizing trainings), which has a good networking with majority of relevant stakeholders in environmental field in Serbia.

Size of the company: micro company (less than 10 employees).

Desired Results

EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) is a program of the EU that allows voluntary participation of organizations to verify its Environmental Management systems in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council. Actual revision of EMAS (EMAS III) gives also possibility for organisation outside the EU to participate in EMAS scheme, which created the basic preconditions for active participation of Serbian organization in EMAS.

This possibility is recognized by EU funded international project, for the preparation of the first three organizations from Serbia to be ready to officially submit their applications for EU EMAS registration and those activities are completed. In order to help to those companies but also to other interested parties in Serbia and to somehow continue with activities after the EU funded project and establish sustainability of EMAS awareness raising on national level (but also for other third countries), Victoria consulting came up with an idea to give full support to this process and to make that EMAS be more accepted and recognised by all interested parties.

Ministry of Agriculture and environmental protection in Serbia is foreseen as future EU Serbian competent body. Still, there are no official EMAS web page in Serbia and one of the reason is that relevant Ministry changed the web domain several times in last few years because of some institutional changes in the Country. Also, during the years, EMAS information and outputs from different projects are mainly on individual project websites (together with variety of different information); also, it happens that after some time, those kinds of web sites are terminated.

Victoria consulting came up with an idea to create national EMAS web site and to collect all relevant EMAS information and news at one place. Also, since Victoria consulting is very much involved in EMAS related activities almost for 10 years and key expert of Victoria consulting had been also personally engaged in several EMAS international project, we have concluded that we have enough EMAS related knowledge, and thus capacity to really help to the community regarding EMAS.

Also, we figure it out that there is still very few EMAS third country registrations and we decided to make also English page on EMAS portal in order that some interested information can potentially serve also to other companies from other “third countries” (countries outside the EU).

Parallel with launching of EMAS portal, we decided to stronger our activities regarding EMAS awareness raising and identified main stakeholders in order to succeed in broader penetration of the market. We have launched also Facebook and EMAS Portal LinkedIn page. Web site www.emas.rs is recognized as good tool to additional promote and accelerate EMAS activities in Serbia and to give basic EMAS information to relevant stakeholders. Logo for the web site is art work of Ms. Dragana Petrovic and reflects the vision that Serbia is integral part of EMAS community, implemented with love and in right way in Serbian organizations, as effective management system; helping Serbian companies with good environmental performance to become more competitive in global market.

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