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La Poste Group - France

The La Poste Group sees its historical model challenged by the evolution of its economic, regulatory and technological environment. In fact, the digital revolution impacting the mail volume and the attendance at post offices. Moreover, the competition on the Colis-Express market increases, so the margin reduces. Therefore, we need to engage a deep and fast transformation in the Group.

To build and to succeed its strategic plan “La Poste 2020: Conquérir l’avenir” (La Poste 2020: Conquer the future), the la Poste Group should: - Continue and accelerate its development by targeting new markets;

  • Ensure and modernize its public services missions;
  • Develop news public services missions;
  • Build a social pact;
  • Ensure its competitiveness;
  • recover a good economic health;

In order to ensure our labor business (145 000 postal workers in Service-Courrier-Colis department) in all the metropolitan France, the DO2P (Direction Opérationnelle Paye et Personnel) has been created. The DO2P job is the administrative management of staff and payroll (CSP HR*) and a service provider for the six operational establishments (our internal customers).

The DO2P was born of a merger in 2011 between over a hundred operational and corporate entities from different jobs, heterogeneous customers’ practices and a different culture of paper.


The Management by Talents is a management innovation and it is a riptide approach of HR classic approach. This management is different to the GPEC (Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences = forecast management for jobs and skills) because it focuses on strong points and the added value for each employed. The aim is to structure our department on the organizational efficiencies and the people mobilization. The Management by Talents considers the employees as they are and not as the company wants them to be.

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