Job creation through microcredits

CaixaBank - Spain

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in the Spanish market both in banking and insurance and is developing a strategy of diversification with stakes in international banks and leading service companies. The Group’s mission is to fully satisfy the financial needs of the greatest number of customers through a suitable and comprehensive range of products and excellent quality of service, with a commitment to provide value to customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole. The Group’s vision is to be the leading financial group in Spain, with a global approach, recognised for its social responsibility, quality of service, financial strength and ability to innovate. The Group’s essence and most distinguishing feature is its involvement and firm commitment to society. CaixaBank runs its banking business based on the values of quality, trust and social commitment.

Desired Results

Through MicroBank, CaixaBank offers financial products and services specially adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs, microenterprises, people and families with the intention of contributing to the following results:

  • Fostering productive activity and creation of employment through financial support for self-employed professionals and microenterprises.
  • Promoting the creation of new small businesses through the granting of microcredits.
  • Self-employment, by starting up through the granting of microcredits to new entrepreneurs.
  • Personal and family development, in response to needs and helping to overcome temporary difficulties.
  • Financial inclusion, helping to bring new customers into the banking system through the organisation’s extensive commercial network.

All the intentions detailed in the previous point have indicators whose results show a clearly positive, sustainable trend over several years, in the promotion of production and job creation, in generating new small businesses, in personal and family development and financial inclusion.

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