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More than a hundred years ago (1901), the ISS Group was founded as a Danish security company. The company later entered the cleaning market and has through time added services to its competencies, becoming one of the world’s largest facility service groups today. ISS has been in Estonia since 2005. ISS Estonia provides services to more than 1200 business customers and over 20,000 apartments all over Estonia. Our customers include most of the biggest store chains in Estonia and many owners of office and industrial buildings. We currently employ about 1700 people, making us one of the largest employers in Estonia (we are in TOP 15).

Desired Results

The approach addresses First Principle: Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

Key objectives

In Estonia there are 100 379 people with special needs and/or disabilities: about 32% of them are currently employed. 63% of unemployed would like to work but only 10% of Estonian enterprises are actively offering job opportunities to disabled people. ISS Estonia employs about 1700 persons of whom more than 200 are with special needs and/or disabilities.

  • Main objective of the project was to create benefits and changes in society in a new way: through employment of people with special needs and/or disabilities. To do that we offer employment opportunities in ISS, job related trainings for job seekers and trainings for our supervisors to work with people with special needs and/or disabilities.
  • Sub objective of the project was to raise public awareness in recruitment of people with special needs as well as about ISS as a socially responsible partner.


  • At the beginning of 2013 the management of ISS Estonia decided to start strategically hiring persons who belong into different risk groups. Today there are more than 200 employees (approximately 13% of company’s workforce) with special needs and/or disabilities working in ISS Estonia.
  • We feel that there is increase of tolerance and awareness among our leaders, employees, but also among customers and society.
  • We’ve raised ISS brand awareness. We have received a lot of public attention and majority of publications have been positive.
  • Members of our management team have been participating actively in more than 15 various seminars and as consultants on meetings related to new work reform (which is mainly directed at helping people with disabilities into the labour market).

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