Good Practice Visits

Your opportunity to learn and develop your network!

These one-day events enable the exchange of Good Practices among professionals from the EFQM Community. Find new ways to innovate and reach new heights!

Why attend our events?

To learn from other organisations ’Journey to Excellence. Where did they struggle? How did they solve their issues? Is there a Good Practice that you could apply to your organisation and sector?

"Fantastic organisation, showing and knowledge. There were outstanding presenters and content as well as great evidence that methods were applied through the tour on the shop floor.” (Feedback from June 2014)

Enabling the sharing of Good Practices? Yes we can!

Every year, several organisations from all sectors agree to host a good practice visit and share with participants on a theme they’re excellent in: Sustainability, Education, Managing with Agility, the Implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model and more…

“I was really impressed by VAMED-KMB. The organisation, presentations and technical tour of the General hospital were quite interesting and well-prepared. The experience and good practices of this company are necessary and helpful for us in our every-day work." (Feedback from April 2014)

“The event was good, especially the presentation of concrete examples. The visit of the factory was great to see the theories in real life.” (Feedback from April 2014)

Why host a visit?

If your organisation is active in the field of Excellence and has a good practice to share, you could be our next host! In short this means that you would welcome our participants for a day and share with them your story.

This is a great opportunity to promote your organisation to people outside your usual network and show how good you are!

"After three GPV hosted in the site of BOSCH Bari, what pleases us most every time is the proactivity and willingness of so many associates to support. It's not just about making presentations: they carry fresh ideas and contribute in an open way, caring about our Customers' perception of BOSCH Bari."

Upcoming Good Practice Visits :

We are currently finalising the calendar of events for next year...But several organisations already agreed to host a visit:

  • 24th - 25th October - EFQM Forum Visits: Enagás, Moncloa Hospital, 3M, Alcobendas City Hall
  • 7th November 2017 - City of Glasgow College (United Kingdom)
  • And many more to come!

EFQM Forum 2017 - Good Practice Visits:

October 24th

  • Morning @  Enagás (Madrid, Spain)
    • Organizational resilience as a key factor
    • In an environment where efficiency and agility are decisive factors for success, continuous adaptability is a strategic imperative. Discover the characteristics that define a resilient organisation during this Good Practice Visit hosted by  Enagás, a role model organisation on this very topic. It is the opportunity for you to visit the operational control room, network and maximise the learnings from your EFQM Forum experience.

  • Afternoon @ Moncloa Hospital (Madrid, Spain)
    • Improvement of the integrated information system
    • Today, an efficient and future-proof Hospital Information System is a key component of a viable health system. On October 24th, we invite you to visit Hospital Moncloa the time of an evening to discover what made them a Role Model organisation. Visit this outstanding organisation and join a site visit as part of your EFQM Forum experience.

October 25th

  • Morning @ 3M (Madrid, Spain)
    • Innovation through agility
    • Often called the “Innovation Machine”, 3M represents about 50.000 products and 100,000 patents, it is one of the most widely diversified organisations in the world. This was made possible with a consistent, coherent approach to management and innovation which you will learn about during 2h30 and a visit to their Innovation Centre. Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to visit this outstanding organisation as part of your EFQM Forum experience.

  • Afternoon @ Alcobendas City Hall (Madrid, Spain)
    • Alcobendas, a Model City. Presentation of Good Practices on the management model of the City of Alcobendas
    • Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, the EFQM Global Excellence Award Winner of 2016, is delighted to invite you to its Good Practice Visit hosted on Wednesday October 25th, 2017. This municipality goes the extra mile for its citizens, sometimes delivering creative activities over and above its mandate to satisfy and exceed its customers’ needs despite a sometimes difficult environment. Join us for half a day and discover best practices on the management model of the city of Alcobendas.


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