Introduction to EFQM

If you are new to EFQM, if you are thinking about implementing the Model, or if you are considering becoming part of the Member Network, then this event is for you!

Introductory webinars - get the flavour

You also have the option to participate in an online introductory webinar, which is free of charge. This one-hour event will introduce you to EFQM and our Excellence Model, give you basic understanding of EFQM's portfolio and our network as well as how you could benefit from it. There is no need to travel as the webinar is brought by interactive online platform, which will give you an opportunity to ask questions. More details are provided upon registration.

For the next dates and registrationplease visit our calendar.

Excellence in Action

What does Excellence mean to you?

Although there is no perfect answer to the above question we wanted to know what does Excellence mean to EFQM Board Members...

EFQM Model iBook