The Communities of Practice

EFQM has always supported its members and fostered the sharing of role model practices and innovation ideas. Our members embody more than 25 years of business experience across the 50 sectors they are active in. we plan to harness the ideas and activate this wealth of knowledge and experience through the new Communities of Practice

CoP 1: The future of the EFQM Excellence Model 

The purpose of the EFQM CoP 1 “The future of the EFQM Model” is to contribute towards making the Model fit-for-future. This team will evaluate the future viability of EFQM Model by studying the megatrends, the implications of the global shifts reshaping the world for organisations, industries and wider society and investigate how other excellence models and standards react to these movements. In short, this CoP will focus on establishing “what evolutions in the current EFQM Model are needed for the future?” 

Participants in this CoP are coming from organisations such as VAMED-KMB, Seçkin Consultancy and Training Co. Ltd., MHP, Robert Bosch Bamberg Plant, Grundfos Magyararország Gyártó Kft., Wheatley Group, Philips Lighting, Laatukeskus Excellence Finland, Siemens, Bosch Turkey, EFQM, BQF, Creative Technology, Centre Hospitalier Neuropsychiatrique, Club Excelencia and Quality Scotland 

Final outcome: booklet.

CoP 2: How to develop the organisational culture to achieve excellent results

This team will analyse high performing organisations in search for examples of great organisational culture. The team will use the EFQM’s definition of culture and the Edgar Schein’s model will be used as a framework for the analysis. Identified examples will be compared with megatrends to distinguish between great culture and future-proof culture. This CoP will investigate “what is the effect of applying the EFQM Model to an organisational culture” and “how to get from good to a culture of Excellence? 

Participants in this CoP are coming from organisations such as: PosAm, spol. s r.o., Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, City of Glasgow College, Taheel Altamyuz Trading Company and Philips Lighting B.V

Final outcome: case study.

CoP 3: Role models of Leaders in excellent organisations

This CoP will focus on identifying good leadership practices such as training for leaders, selection of leaders and cultural aspects of leadership.

Participants in this CoP are coming from organisations such as: bmbg consult, European Investment Bank, CHNP, GSK, Tknika, Cyprus University of Technology, CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG, Robert Bosch (France) SAS / Rodez and GSK.

Final outcome: good practice booklet.

If you want to join the team of CoP 2 or 3, please contact us

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a group of EFQM Members who share their experience with others on a specific topic and use this learning to generate new and innovative approaches that may be of benefit to the wider community. These events are part of the sharing “offer” to members providing practitioners with an international forum for peer group networking, discussion and learning on topics of specific interest.  Successful Communities of Practice rely on the active participation of the members and on their goodwill and contribution.  In short, participants need to be willing to give as well as take.

Wondering why you should join?

  • Gain access to the experience of other individuals
  • Obtain new ideas from various industry sectors and various countries
  • European benchmarking/best practice/knowledge sharing in a specific arena
  • A network for identifying common issues and problems, and developing solutions

How does it work?

A larger group of people (at least 6 to 8) have expressed their interest, a virtual meeting will be organised to kick off the Community of Practice. This is the opportunity for the team to agree on the leader, scope, problem definition, timescales, deliverables and way of working. At this point, the leader of the team will take over. EFQM will support the entire process by providing additional materials, experts, proposing tools when required, monitoring the progresses and participating, if necessary.

Who are the Communities of Practice for?

The Communities of Practice are designed to support EFQM Members to exchange knowledge and experience and to turn their organisation’s strategic objectives into reality. Anyone from the Member organisation can take part in the Communities of Practice.

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