EFQM interviews the chairwoman of the Board of KalDer, Ms. Buket Eminoglu Pilavci

As part of a new series of video interviews being launched by EFQM, we are pleased to present the second interview with the Chairwoman of the Board of KalDer, Ms. Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı



Who is Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı?

Buket Eminoğlu Pilavcı studied in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture, whereupon she continued her career as an architect for 12 years. She stepped into the health industry in professional terms by managing the project for the architectural expansion of Kadıköy Şifa Hospital in 1996. Then she worked in all units and processes of Kadıköy Şifa Health Group, whereupon she worked as a General Manager, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Board of Directors.

What is KalDer?

Upon gathering of the representatives of major industrial groups in Turkey, the first official application for the foundation of the Turkish Society for Quality (KalDer) was made in November 1990, KalDer was founded officially in November 1991.

In 1998 KalDer became a member to EFQM and in 1999 KalDer became the National Partner Organization (NPO) of EFQM.

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